10 Best Sleep Hacks

Photo courtesy of azkexpert.com

If you, much like myself, have trouble getting to sleep/staying asleep/getting comfortable or any other nocturnal issue, you are not alone. Here’s a roundup of sources to make the best of your bedtime experience.

1) The best sleep position (aside from this)

2) How to dream about whatever you want (My dreams usually involve this)

3) Things you’re doing before bed that ruin your sleep (whomp whomp)

4) Cheap, simple and effective recipe for soft feet while you sleep 

5) If you really need it, here is a natural, non-addictive sleep aid (I use it when I’m too stressed to sleep)

6) Calm your mind through meditation before bed

7) Use this calculator to wake up refreshed every time

8) Waking up in the middle of the night is natural and good for you! (So don’t freak out)

9) Let your pet sleep with you! (Unless your pet is a lizard or something)

10) Take care of your sleep debt (which is a real thing!)

Sweet dreams, my pumpkins!



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