6 Reasons You Should Quit Your Gym

Let’s get real. How often do you actually drag yourself to the gym (and don’t worry, this is not a guilt trip)? If you are anything like me, you tell yourself that you’re going to go tomorrow, you try to go to bed early and get your responsibilities in order only to get to the end of your day already feeling exhausted. The last thing that I want to do at the end of a stressful day is add yet another tedious, un-fun activity to my to-do list. Also, when I’m at the gym, I’m never sure if I’m doing it right:

This is not me, but it might as well be.

Admittedly I’m a little biased, but I’d like to tell you why your gym isn’t helping you, and why you should consider coming to Jordin’s Paradise (hereby shortened to JP).

1. You don’t know what you’re doing (probably) – Like I said before, I never really know what I should be working on or how effective my self-made (AKA stolen directly from a random Pinterest) routines were, and unless you’re a trainer, you’re probably the same. At JP’s, we have trained and certified instructors who know how to help you achieve your goals and are always happy to answer questions or work on whatever you need.

2. Going to the gym feels like a chore –  If you’re tired, you go easy on yourself instead of pushing yourself because you don’t actually want to be there. Totally understandable. To me (I know some of you crazies like running for some reason), there’s nothing fun about a treadmill and I will avoid it at all costs. JP doesn’t feel like that. It’s fun, dynamic and leaves you smiling.

3. Your gym is charging you too much – You’re probably paying well over a hundred dollars a month to not go there, and for what? You probably don’t even get personal trainer attention or group classes included. Seriously. I’ve done it before, and it’s a scam. Low prices (memberships starting from $65 a month) that include small classes, individual attention and all-access to our parties/events/community is JP’s hallmark.

Gym Fail

4. Your gym makes you feel fat – Ever feel like you’re too out of shape to show your face at the gym? I have for sure. I’m always worried that the only open treadmill will be next to some 115 lb woman who is ten years older than me but can totally outrun me. And that usually ends up happening. JP is SO not like that. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or judged, and I know all our regulars agree. Come as you are, and you will feel at home.

5. Your gym makes you feel lonely – Whenever I’m at the gym, from the moment the rude lady at the front desk swipes my card to the time I awkwardly towel off in the freezing cold locker room, I feel so so so alone. No one cares about my progress or notices when I faithfully come three times a week like I said I would. No one even makes eye contact (except that creepy old dude that every single gym mysteriously has). As corny as it sounds, at JP you can (and will) make friends and you will become a part of our family. Seriously, it feels good and it makes you accountable.


Also learn to do the Single Ladies Dance!

6. You’re not learning anything new at your gym – Might sound weird, but you could be doing so much more with your time than just lifting weights. At JP, you can learn to bollywood dance, pole dance, chair dance, belly dance, tango, salsa, zumba, kickbox and tons of other stuff. Add a skill to your bag o’ tricks!

Happy Holidays, everybody! Let’s all have a healthier, happier new year.

-Love, Anna Schroen


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